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In a move that has shocked the tech community, Mozilla’s CEO Brendan Eich resigned from his position Thursday after receiving public backlash about his anti-gay marriage views.

Mozilla came under fire for promoting Eich, after it was discovered that he donated $1,000 to support California’s Proposition 8 campaign to ban same-sex marriage in 2008.

Mozilla posted a blog post announcing the decision:

Mozilla prides itself on being held to a different standard and, this past week, we didn’t live up to it. We know why people are hurt and angry, and they are right: it’s because we haven’t stayed true to ourselves,”

Mozilla believes both in equality and freedom of speech. Equality is necessary for meaningful speech. And you need free speech to fight for equality. Figuring out how to stand for both at the same time can be hard.

Our organizational culture reflects diversity and inclusiveness. We welcome contributions from everyone regardless of age, culture, ethnicity, gender, gender-identity, language, race, sexual orientation, geographical location and religious views. Mozilla supports equality for all.

The biggest backlash about Eich’s hire came from the online dating site OkCupid. OkCupid urged its users to use another browser while searching for potential matches on the site. Internally, Mozilla had three board members step down after Eich was promoted to CEO.

Eich responded to the criticism stating that he was committed to making Mozilla welcoming to the LBGT community and that his personal beliefs and professional duties were not intersecting.

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  • Lauren

    It’s a sad day in America which is supposedly a democracy that no one is allowed to have a dissenting opinion anymore. This man has the right to believe in traditional marriage and give his dollars to groups that support that. He wasn’t spewing out hate speech or hurting anyone. At the same token, we all know he got pushed out because Mozilla saw him as a liability and didn’t want to lose money. At the end of the day, green is the only true color that matters in thus country.

  • Simple fact of the matter is this. This man wants others to live by what he believes. He contributed money to an effort that was built upon telling two people in love that they couldn’t be together in a state recognized marriage. This is very important for several reasons. One, this world needs more love, two from a legal standpoint there are numerous things that affect a couple when they are legally married from monetary to medical etc…

    If he doesn’t believe in it, fine you’re entitled to your opinion. But you do not have the right to tell people they can’t live how they choose, if they are not harming anyone and they are consenting adults of sound mind and body. It’s really quite simple. He want to shove HIS beliefs down others throats. So, he made a political contribution to see his false morality enforced by the government.

    Well when this came out people were rightly upset. I agree with them. He’s a bigot. I see nothing wrong with the boycott. You have the right to speak your mind and I have a right not to give you my money if I don’t agree with your opinion. Remember this is business, the bottom line is this business’s revenue. They were going to lose customers over this guys actions so he had to go.

    No one restricted his beliefs he is free to believe, and say what he wants, but that doesn’t mean he’s free from what happens as a result of what he says. ( political donations are a form of speech) Go to your job and call the CEO a fucking asshole and see what happens.