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There’s curly hair and then there’s super curly hair. If your hair is full of beautiful springy coils, you may have a challenge when it comes to styling–there’s so much volume to your tresses so they take on a strange shape. We’ve combed through a ton of pics and if you’re willing to go for a cut, or do some styling tricks, we’ve got some gorgeous styles specifically for super curly girls. Flip through! (all images via Pinterest)

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  • Riyo.Chiasa

    The women on pictures 10 and 11, who are they?

    • Ideology

      10 is Alexis Jordan.

  • Me

    i only saw 3 hairstyles. mohawk, loose hair, & a side puff. i’m tired of clicking so many times for this kinda stuff tbh

  • gsutiger

    too many clicks required!!

    • Unlike a lot of websites – we only break pages for photo galleries. Unfortunately, this is how we set up all photo galleries. Thanks for your comment.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Ugh, obviously this was not meant for girls who have type 4 hair; this was a total waste of my time. :-(

  • G

    I Loved It . . . great article.