Guns For Greatness Buyback Program Will Use Concert Tickets & Mentorships As Incentives

What’s a Sunday service without your trusty pistol? Or 5th period math class without your teacher armed and teaching those dangerous equations? Better yet, as you’re ordering that next hard cider, why not just rest your gun on the bar’s table?

Well if you’re a gun owner in Georgia, you now have all of those options thanks to Governor Nathan Deal. House Bill 60, which people are calling “guns everywhere” bill, now allows Georgians to legally carry firearms just about everywhere. 

The bill, which takes effect July 1, also legalizes the use of silencers for hunting, clears the way for school staffers to carry guns in school zones and lets leaders of religious congregations choose whether to allow licensed gun holders inside. And it allows permitted gun owners to carry their weapons in government buildings – including parts of courthouses – where there is no security at the entrance.
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