janet-jackson-harpers-bazaar-arabia-3111 It all started with one simple tweet from long-time Janet Jackson producer, Jimmy Jam.

Never-mind the fact that the BuzzFeed article in the link Jimmy tweeted seemed to have been written by someone born in 2000, obviously just learned about Janet Jackson three days before the “article” was written. But could we actually get some new Janet Jackson music? It’s been four years since Janet’s last single “Nothing”, which appeared on a Tyler Perry soundtrack. Since that time, Janet has gotten married and seemed to have fallen off the face of the musical earth. I don’t know about some of you, but a musical comeback Janet would definitely make the lackluster year in pop music a whole lot better. Last year in a Billboard interview, Janet hinted at new music, “I am working on a new project now. We are creating the concept and initial thoughts on the music”. Fingers crossed. Janet, your fans are waiting!


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  • 9Boots

    Yaassss Miss Jackson!!!! I don’t need to be reminded of your greatness. Come back!

  • Fifi Gongon

    I am reminded of Janet Jackson everytime my ears cringe at that stuff some people call music on the radio, on internet, on TV…And when I see my non existent abs, but that’s another problem…

  • ALM247

    Yass, Yass, One million yasses!! LOL

    I rock “Miss You Much” all the time on my mp3 player. I miss classy choreography.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Wooot! Yaaaas Miss Jackson! Please come back! We need you! Music (or what passes for it nowadays) needs you!

  • Sean Massich

    PLEASE!!! Always feels like something is missing in music when this woman is gone. I can’t wait!