According to a new report, the odds are stacked up against African-American children and it should be considered a national crisis. From poverty, poor housing and lack of access to education, the well being for African-American kids is worsening rapidly.

“Race for Results”, a report done by the Casey Foundationlooked at how five racial groups fare against a dozen milestones in stages of life from birth to adulthood, including the number of eighth-graders with math proficiency and the number of young adults who are in school or working. Although the report found that no group was perfect, African-Americans fared the worst. 

“We found that the gaps sort of start out relatively small and get bigger over time,” Laura Speer, Casey Foundation associate director of policy reform and advocacy, said in an interview with The Huffington Post. “Look at the early childhood measures: The gaps between African-Americans, Latinos, whites are relatively small. But in the early childhood years, even a small gap can have a big impact in the long run.”

“Race for Results”  used 12 indicators and a single composite score to determine a child’s chance at future success. Some of the factors included whether the children were born at normal birth weight, if they were enrolled in preschool by the ages of 3 to 5, whether they lived with an adult who has at least a high school diploma, and their proficiency at reading and math during elementary and middle school.

The report used a 1,000 point-scale to measure success. Asian-Americans and whites scored best, with 776 and 704 respectively. American-Indians and African-Americans, on the other hand, scored in the 300s.

African-American children face the greatest barriers to success in Michigan, Wisconsin and across southern states, including Mississippi and Alabama, the report said.

The report also says that by 2018, the majority of U.S. children will be of non-white ethnicity.

“The kids of color in our country are absolutely critical to the future success of the United States,” Speer said. “They are going to be the majority of our work force and we can’t afford to lose the talent they have and could have in the future behind. We need them to be successful.”

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  • Secret

    The ghetto is like a 3rd world country. Instead of sending money over seas why not into the hood. I bet it would get better faster vs somewhere far away. Add more jobs instead of focusing on creating jobs over seas that requires zero education just practice of a skill. Fund the schools better and hire teachers who want to make a difference like the ones who go over seas acting like America perfect. Help the kids in the ghetto/hood of all backgrounds right here and America could be a better place.

  • BeanBean

    I really don’t like when people focus on programs that only help black children once they’re in high school. Sorry, but if you’re behind in high school, chances are they will never catch up to asian or whites in terms of wealth attainment and education. These problems must be fixed once a black child is born. Before they are born would be even better. There needs to be more programs to help out pregnant black women. Lower weight babies are more likely to have difficulties in school and more health problems. The gap needs to be closed from 0-5yrs, don’twait until the gap turns into an crater.

  • Core Values

    By familial status (Including kids) 9% of married black families lived in poverty and 44% of of black single parents and their kids lived in poverty. I’m shocked that you all are shocked when the structural defects of no foundation are exposed.

    The black community for the last 50 years has been built on sand. You can’t fix a house built on sand. You’ve got to tear it down build a foundation made of concrete before you can rebuild the structure. Blacks have been lied to and are still being lied to. First it was welfare will allow single black women to raise productive kids. When that didn’t work they then said free school breakfast and lunch, when that didn’t work they said free daycare and after work child care, when that didn’t work they said section 8 was the answer, when that didn’t work, they said give these women more money and free skill training and a free secondary education for a job, when that didn’t work….. well you get the point. All of these things and black women, as a group, still can’t raise productive kids. 

    Extreme liberals keep trying to patch and fix an ideology without a foundation. It’s never worked in the history of civilization. There’s nothing wrong with black people. They’re just following a failed social ideology and are being deceived by people who have no solutions to end black poverty and are more concerned with maintaining  control and power over common black folk. The black community in previous generations have had extremely stable families and communities, fact. 

    Black people are going to have to come to grips with a few things. 
    #1 The government is not coming to save the black ghetto
    #2 There will never be a productive community with high black illegitimacy
    #3 The Ghetto is nothing more than a modern day plantation
    #4 Yes, there are some racist white conservatives but just because they’re racist doesn’t mean they’re not correct on some social issues affecting blacks
    #5 Stop fearing change 
    #6 The best thing blacks can do for their kids is to move to a low crime, low unemployment community with excellent schools

  • Wanda

    All of this! My grandfather was a staunch Garveyite and member of the United Negro Improvement Association. They believed in self-reliance and not to depend on the white power structure for salvation. My mother and father had the same values.

    When the 1960s came along, many of our people rejected that which made us strong: our dignity, our discipline, our strength.

    Now today, too many of us have been conditioned to believe that having a baby by an athlete or rapper, and getting on welfare or child support is like hitting Powerball. Instead, like you accurately said, we’ve built a house on top of sand.

    I really do hope it is not too late.

  • The “War on Poverty” has become a war on the poor, poor people are being punished and exploited for not having enough. And the punishment of course is to attempt to take what little they do have. Not surprising because we live in a culture where wealth is a symbol of goodness, intelligence and industry and poverty is the wages of sin.

    Our society as currently comprised is very Darwinian meaning survival of the fittest. Many in our community are entering this race handicapped by racism and poverty and our failure to be cognizant of this fact leads many to make life choices that add to the burden. Poor people and the recently poor and the one pay check from poverty need to understand that deck is stacked against them and they are adding to it by not participating.

    I don’t do the blame the poor for being poor because even worst than material poverty is poverty of mind, spirit and character. And there are plenty of us who have material means, many policy makers especially in the GOP who operate out of spite. they lack the foresight to understand that America does not advance as a nation if we deprive a significant portion of our society of hope. You cannot run a nation on a policy of spite because no matter how many guns and gated communities you have you will never truly be safe from the people you have deprived.