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For 25 years, Jonathan Fleming says he was 1,000 miles from the New York City shooting death of his friend. Despite having plane tickets, videos, and postcards from his Disney World vacation, Fleming was still convicted.

Finally prosecutors agree with Fleming, now 51, and a Brooklyn judge has dismissed the case.

The exoneration comes amid scrutiny of Brooklyn prosecutors’ process for reviewing questionable convictions. The new district attorney, Kenneth Thompson, said in a statement he decided to drop the case against Fleming because of “key alibi facts that place Fleming in Florida at the time of the murder.”

Plus a key witness recanted her testimony that she saw Fleming pull the trigger, saying she lied so police would let her go for an unrelated arrest.

“I knew he didn’t do it because I was there [in Orlando],” says his mother Patricia Fleming, 71. “When they gave my son 25 to life, I thought I would die in that courtroom.

Fleming left court embracing his mom.

“I’m going to go eat dinner with my mother and my family, and I’m going to live the rest of my life.”

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  • truth

    Exactly why black men chose to date outside our race. Look at what our own sisters do to us.

    • Black Male Privilege

      Truth is that over 90% of black men who are married, marry black women. Also if all black men were to marry black women there would still be almost two thirds of all black women unwed. So I really don’t understand what the was the point of your comment or how it was germane to the topic.

    • Annna Fimmel

      Was the false witness a Black woman? I missed that part of the story.

  • Mary Burrell

    How many other innocent people are lock up in prison for many years and can’t prove their innocence? This is scary. One could get picked up and locked up for something they didn’t do.

  • Mary Burrell

    What .will happen to the lying piece of scumbag witness

  • Ms. Vee

    Wow. My recommendation for him and the countless black men sent to jail for crimes they did not commit it to commit the crime as soon as they’re released.Call me crazy if you want but If I was robbed 20 years of my life for a murder that I didn’t commit…somebody is going to have to die. The witness that lied will be first choice. If i did the time I might as well do the crime. That’s fair. This story is sad and will continue to happen until blacks understand the importance of gaining collective power.