042114 Fired OH Teacher (1)

A Cincinnati-area teacher who allegedly told a black student “We do not need another black president” has lost his job.

“There is good and just cause to terminate the teaching contract,” a state referee said Thursday in a letter to the Fairfield Board of Education. The board voted 4-0 to end Gil Voigt’s employment with the Butler County school system.

Voigt, a Fairfield Freshman School science teacher since 2000, had been on unpaid leave since December. But this isn’t his first foot-in-mouth incident.

In 2008, Voigt was accused of calling a student an “African-American Rudolph” while aiming a laser pointer at the pupil; in 2013, he received a verbal warning for allegedly calling one student “stupid” and others “gay.” And in December he was warned for failing to use the adopted curriculum.

Voigt says in this incident, the student – who Voigt describes as troublesome – misquoted him. He claims he said, “I think we can’t afford another president like Obama, whether he’s black or white.”

That didn’t sound very believable.

“The district felt that the evidence was sufficient to support the termination of Mr. Voigt’s employment,” says Fairfield Superintendent Paul Otten of the Obama comment. “The referee recommended such termination, and the board has concurred.”

The Ohio Department of Education will determine whether Voigt should have his teaching license limited; suspended up to five years; or revoked in the state of Ohio entirely.


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