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I didn’t attend my prom until I was 33-years-old.  Technically, it wasn’t a prom, but a trip to St. Thomas I took with the person I wanted to escort me to the senior prom.

During my prom season, my high school crush was already a freshman football player in college. Back then  I was too shy to ask him to my prom, so I had a friend relay the message to his best friend, who was also a college freshman.  Unfortunately, my request was declined. Apparently he had a girlfriend, and she didn’t take to kindly to him taking someone to the prom, even if it was platonic.

Needless to say, I didn’t have a backup plan and didn’t make it to the prom.

Fast forward 15 years later, we became friends on Facebook and struck up an immediate friendship. We talked almost daily and reminisced about high school and what we’ve been doing with our lives since.  A few months into our phone and text friendship, he made mention of a wedding he was attending in St. Thomas. It was also around the time of my birthday, so he extended an invite.

Two weeks later, I’m sitting at an airport, waiting to see my high school crush after 15 years.

The next 4 days turned out to be the best time I had in a while. Although there wasn’t a “love connection”, I realized I had a friend for life, which made up for not attending my senior prom.

Clutchettes, did you attend your senior prom? Share your memories in the comment section!

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