There are currently about a million dating experts in the world.  I actually have no data backing this number, but with all of the advice being given by so-called experts, one has to wonder about their own success when it comes to relationships.

I’ve seen divorced dating experts, single dating experts and dating experts with prior cheating allegations (ahem, Steve Harvey, I’m looking at you). The world is inundated with experts.

Here at Clutch, we’ve decided that we’re going to let the readers be the experts! One thing that we do love about our comment section is that some of the comments relating to relationships are actually insightful.

Clutchettes & Gents, what are some of your best dating tips? 

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  • constance

    Don’t even entertain a man if he has multiple baby mamas. Chances are if you two end up in a relationship together, you’ll end up one of them.

    And dont have unprotected sex with a man, if he tells you he does not want kids. If you get pregnant, he will most likely not change his mind and want kids, hell probaby just abandon you after the baby comes. This situation happened to an older woman I know.

  • Terrence Nelson

    As a fairly successful man I hate when a woman dates my resume and not ME……

  • Krystal Miller

    Unless you are in a committed relationship with a man do NOT behave maliciously towards those he is acquainted with out of jealousy and spite!! Unless you BOTH agreed on a committed relationship, and most importantly he shows that he is DEVOTED to you with his ACTIONS AND WORDS, it is WAY TOO EARLY to commit yourself to him.