Get RIght for the Summer Clutch Magazie

I want that Naomi Campbell body for the summer: cut arms that flex even when they’re relaxed and toned legs with defined calves even when I’m in flats.

A relative offered to show me some moves with weights…at a gym.

I met his request with silence.

You see, here’s the thing. I don’t do gyms, or any activity that involves strenuous lifting and pushing, repetition, heavy equipment, and excessive sweating inside dark, square, stinky rooms. And that includes the treadmill that’s inside our living room because, well, it’s a piece of equipment that I connect with gym.

And don’t get me started on extreme healthy eating. My cousin is stuck on salads; I’m stuck on starvation, no matter how much steak, chicken, shrimp, or croutons I top it with. Can I get a starch, please?

So my get-right-routine for the summer is all wrong in my family’s eyes, although I do walk two miles outside when it’s warm, and I show my fruits, whole grains, bottled water, and veggies mad love despite being an avid carnivore.

And I vow to pull out the yoga mat that has been rolled up since last year. On Monday.

But I’m curious to know how everyone else gets back into shape after the eat-all-you-want-because-you-are-layered-up-anyway months.

Clutchettes, what’s your get-right routine for the summer?


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  • I actually did i post about this on my blog, but i’m trying to drink more water, eat less sugar and carbs, and i do 3 sets of 5 minute work out routines cause THAT is ALL my laziness can manage

  • Sociosia

    It’s been a horrible winter here in Sweden but I continued to workout and eat well even on the darkest, coldest days so I don’t need to do a boot camp for summer.

    I guess I believe that exercise and healthy eating should be a part of every day life, and not something that is squeezed in quickly when it’s bikini season.

  • Billie Nye

    I take an amazing Zumba class at my local Y where I can dance away the pounds to reggae, dancehall, latin, and African music. My Y also has a kickboxing class where the instructor plays Krunk music. I also have ditched all beverages except for Water, beer, and wine along with sticking to lean meats during the week

  • God is My Mojo

    Yes. Water, Veggies, and Sweat. Daily goals are to drink a gallon of water a day, limit dairy servings, cut out all things white, and hit the gym 45 min 4-5 days a week. Oh. And limit social media. It’s a time waster and life killer.