Tina Campbell’s marriage woes have played out on television during the last two seasons of  Mary, Mary. Tina’s husband, Teddy Campbell, has admitted to not only her, but the viewing audience, that he has had “countless affairs”.

Although Tina has not left her husband, even after the information was divulged, Teddy is still not forth coming with the number of times he’s cheated and is giving her droppings of information.  In a recent scene, Tina basically cracks when she’s discussing her marriage with her sister, Erica.  Not only is it heart breaking to look at, but it also shows the turmoil that she’s going through:

““You stole my life away from me. I’m angry. Why you gotta do me like this?! I was good to you, man!”

We all know that Teddy is a lying and cheating bastard, but where does one drawn the line after countless affairs and receiving the information about it?

When you continue to allow your life to be stolen away and the stress piling up from the situation, at what point do you pack your bags and leave? As a person that’s been cheated on, I always adhere to the “One Strike and You’re Out” rule of thumb. But I know plenty of men and women that tend to give extra chances and hope that it doesn’t happen again. And sometimes it doesn’t happen, other times you end up getting “Teddied”.

Clutchettes, why do you think people stay after multiple affairs & confessions of cheating?

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