Drama erupted during last night’s Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion!  We all knew what was going to happen, but seeing it go down on-screen was a totally different story.

Kenya Moore and her “props”, which included a bullhorn and scepter, antagonized every one on the stage. But you have to wonder why she was allowed to even bring anything on stage at all?

Kenya’s bullying techniques seemed to be aimed at Porsha, and included name calling, and bringing up Porsha’s failed marriage.  What’s funny is that the rest of the cast couldn’t help to bring up Kenya’s imaginary boyfriend, a so called Nigerian “prince”.

After Kenya’s badgering, Porsha finally had enough. She felt her space was  being violated and she finally reached her breaking point.

The long-awaited fight broke out.

But opinions vary on who started it.

Did Porsha have a right to go upside Kenya’s head after being bullied all season?

Should Kenya have been allowed to bring props on stage?

Or was Porsha wrong to react to Kenya’s antics?

Although Porsha was excused from the set, there’s still more parts to the reunion saga. Also, there’s speculation that Porsha may not be allowed back on the  next season because of the fight.

Clutchettes, who’s side are you on? #TeamPorsha or #TeamKenya?

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