Last night, the season four premiere of the The Boondocks did their own version “Law and Order” and used the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident as the backdrop. The show began with “In the celebrity criminal justice system, there are the so-called ‘musicians’ who commit crimes, and the overpaid private defense attorneys who defend them.” 

Pretty Boy Flizzy (rhymes with Breezy) is a R&B bad boy with criminal behavior. After beating up his girlfriend “Christianna”, he seeks the help of attorney, Thomas Dubois. 

The reaction to last night’s episode was quite a bag of mixed nuts. Some people loved it, some people hated. Others wondered why did leave his own cartoon.  Some even claimed the writing has fallen off since McGruder is no longer with the show. But what some people fail to realize is that McGruder wasn’t the only person writing for the show. Rodney Barnes, the shows executive producer since 2002, was also a writer on the show.  Barnes is also credited with developing everyone’s favorite character, Uncle Ruckus.

Although McGruder isn’t tied to the show any more, there are others that have been there since day one. It’s surprising that no one wants to ask why would someone leave a show they created?  If you ask me, there’s something fishy going on, but the world will probably never know.

Clutchettes, what did you think about the season premiere of The Boondocks?

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