via Black Sankofa

via Black Sankofa

A North Carolina minister is catching flack about his recent comments to women on Twitter that has many crying foul.

Pastor Andy Thompson, founder of the World Overcomers Christian Church in Durham, recently instructed married women to “shine it up” so their husbands will remain faithful instead of letting the “hoes he comes across” catch his eye.

The comments caused many to question Pastor Thompson’s message, particularly because he used the derogatory term “hoes” to describe other women. Writer Taurean Brown of the blog Black Sankofa was disturbed by the sexist tone of Pastor Thompson’s words.

“We live in a extremely sexist society, in which women are constantly shamed. Words likes hoe, slut, thot, etc. are used to shame women’s sexuality or mere existence on a daily basis. Due to the sexist nature of this society, women are shamed for sexual promiscuity, while men are often praised and rewarded for it. Many times women don’t even have to be ‘sexually promiscuous’ to be called a derogatory name.”

Brown suggested Pastor Thompson needed to “humble himself” and apologize for the remark, a sentiment expressed by many on social media.

After spotting the tweet on Brown’s blog, I scrolled through Pastor Thompson’s Twitter feed and he seems to have deleted the controversial tweet. However, he recently took to YouTube to address the criticism.

During his video response, Pastor Thompson argued it is easy for many to misunderstand his words given Twitter’s limited capacity to allow users to provide context for their tweets.

“I was in a marriage seminar. I was trying to help wives,” he said in his rebuttal to critics. “I was trying to help wives to save their marriage, to be successful in their marriage.”

Pastor Thompson also addressed his choice to use a derogatory term to describe women.

“Some may feel like there’s never any context where it’s okay for a pastor to call women hoes…you’ll have to forgive me,” he said, brushing off the controversy. “Our goal and our aim is to help women.”

….by calling other women hoes? Oh. Okay.

Twitter misunderstandings happen, and I was willing to give Pastor Thompson the benefit of the doubt, but his explanation did little to make me feel like he was sorry for disrespecting women in order to encourage the wives at his seminar.

Moreover, Pastor Thompson continued to pander to the “women are secretly evil whores” meme by going on a rant about how some women don’t respect marriage, want to steal other women’s husbands, and don’t respect the commitment a man has made to his wife.

During the two-minute clip, Pastor Thompson never acknowledged the husband’s responsibility to his commitment, his wife, or their bond. He merely stuck to the idea of wives having to be suspicious of other women–excuse me, other hoes–who are trying to “steal” their man.

Well-intentioned as he may be, I hope Pastor Thompson is giving husbands the same advice he feels comfortable doling out to married women.

But something tells me he’s relying on the same outdated playbook that so many others have used and is only preaching the good word to women, when he should be targeting his message to his entire congregation.

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