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Everyone has an opinion on the Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore mêlée but one thing isn’t arguable: Porsha Williams’ hair and beauty are always on point. Need evidence? Look no further than her glamorous mug shot, which features a bright pink lip, manicured eyebrows and full lashes. Her hair, of course, is curled to perfection. Long before her stint as a singer and fuller bustline, Porsha Williams delivered memorable hair and beauty moments. Behold, our favorites.

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  • Elsa

    I don’t like her styles at all. She looks fake and trashy. I hate the weaves, the fake eye lashes, tha make up, the huge cleavage. I long for simplicity. Viva Lupita!

  • Dawn Anderson

    Don’t really care how pretty she is. She just had a fight on national TV and no hair style can hide that ugly!

    • elle D.

      Exactly!! The timing of this article is RIDICULOUS. Surely you jest Clutch, it looks like you are celebrating her bad behavior so attention all hypocrites: Don’t turn around next week and complain about how black women are portrayed on TV. Like it or not, this dizzy heiffa displayed the very worst of what we as a group are constantly judged on last week. She acted like a little dumb thug, and while she may be pretty-ish–that is really a testament to what good plastic surgery (nose/boobs), excessive make-up and flowing weave will do for a woman. As an aside, her stupidity actually takes away from her looks. Stop glamorizing foolishness!

  • God is My Mojo

    She’s not the brightest crayon in the box but physically she is a stunningly beautiful brown-skinned black woman.

  • Gotitbutsmh

    She looks happy and that’s what counts.