Yvonne Atlanta, GA

Yvonne Atlanta, GA

Dr. Yaba Blay’s answer to the “you’re pretty for a dark-skinned girl” is alive in the form of the blog Pretty. Period. The collection of photos, which showcases dark-skinned women, informs consciousness, incites dialogue and inspires others to action. Blay, according to Afropunk.com, believes that we need to value the things people can pass along and archive.

Blay is co-director of Africana Studies and Assistant Teaching Professor at Drexel University. All of her academic discourse revolves around colorism and trying to figure out ways to shift the conversation. “Ultimately the goal is to print something. The idea is to format it as a magazine,” she said to Afropunk.com. “Lupita Nyong’o is not the only dark skinned woman to materialize in our eyes. I am more concerned about people recognizing that there are other Lupitas that need to be heard,” said Blay.

Here, we spotlight some of our fave photos so far since the site launched.

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