In today’s “What the hell are these teachers thinking” news, a Houston middle school teacher has been charged with having an improper relationship with her middle school student.

According to authorities, Felicia Smith, 42, a teacher at Stovall Middle School, gave her student a lap dance on February 26. Allegedly, a male student received the lap dance after he walked into the classroom late. Ms. Smith placed a chair in front of the room. Music started playing and the entire class of middle school students began yelling and telling him to sit down.

The dance was apparently for his birthday.

From KHOU:

The student said he sat down and Ms. Smith gave him a full contact lap dance, rotating her buttocks against him and rubbing her hands all over his body. Ms. Smith also got on her knees in front of him and placed her head between his legs. The student admitted that he slapped Ms. Smith on the buttocks a few times.

At the end of the dance, Ms. Smith wrapped her arms around the student and he gave her bottom another squeeze. She hugged him and said “I love you, baby. Happy birthday,” according to documents.

During questioning, Smith admitted that she gave the youngster a lap dance at the urging of his classmates. She recalled that she lost her balance a few times as she circled his chair, which made the students laugh. She said her performance lasted about four minutes.

Investigators reviewed video of the lap dance performance and it actually lasted 3.54 minutes. A copy of the video is on file at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and another copy is with the Aldine ISD Police Department.

Smith was charged and given a $30,000 bond.

The school district released the following statement:

A criminal charge of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a student has been filed against a Stovall Middle School teacher. The charge was filed by Aldine Independent School District Police, who investigated the case along with the campus administration. The teacher was removed from the campus during the investigation and has not returned. The district takes this allegation seriously and is fully cooperating with prosecutors. The safety and security of our students will continue to be a top priority in Aldine ISD.

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  • Sistahsecret

    This is terrible and I am shocked the boy smacked her butt just to make this crazy woman’s day…on his b day?

    Then the classmates are egging him on to sit down, so this woman can TRY to do a lap dance.

    At some points of the article I feel guilty I laughed.
    Such as…

    1) She said the lap dance was 4 minutes, but they correct her and say it was really 3 min. and 54 seconds……to me the whole point is the lap dance was done.She deserves punishment no matter how long her boot leg lap dance was.

    2) She recalled that she lost her balance a few times as she circled his chair, which made the students laugh. Of course they laughed and it made me laugh too! Leave lap dancing for the pros who perform for the ADULTS not students.

    Sad part is the student if not already thinks thanks to rap and other trashy media and maybe a single parent home…
    That black women are ready to perform.

    To be honest I believe the best punishment is to lock her up in the mental wing of the hospital. Her behavior was far from sane.

  • Chauntelle


  • Mary Burrell

    I hope she can get some help she is sick and and sad.


    Put her in jail and throw away the keys.

    P.s: she’s ugly too.

  • Kai26

    In accordance with the information given, this appears to be more so a lapse in judgement than anything else.

    • Anthony

      If that is truly how you feel, I hope your profession does not involve contact with children in any capacity. I suspect that if the story involved a grown man sexually touching a middle school girl, you would not be so understanding.