Donald Sterling

Ever since TMZ Sports leaked the tapes of Clippers owner Donald Sterling taking his biracial mistress to task for hanging with the Blacks, I’ve been trying to gen up some damns, but I just can’t do it.

Don’t get me wrong, Sterling’s comments about African-Americans and Latinos were offensive and very weird, but I really could not care less about some 80-year-old billionaire’s antiquated views about race. One reason? This is nothing new for Sterling who has a history of discriminatory practices in both his housing ventures and with the Clippers. So why folks are suddenly SHOCKED and OUTRAGED now is beyond me, but c’est la vie.

The hubbub over Sterling is indicative of how we react to everything these days. Something crazy happens and we get  angry for a few days, but soon, we move on.  The cycle has repeated itself time and time again, and frankly, I’m over it. I mean, if I’m going to be pissed off about racism or sexism or some other issue, it’s going to be about something far more serious and insidious than Donald Sterling’s geriatric bigotry.

How about we focus our outrage toward the Nigerian government, who still have not rescued more than 200 missing schoolgirls since they were abducted by militants two weeks ago, or maybe we could get up in our feelings that Leonore Draper, a makeup artist and community activist, was gunned down in Chicago after attending an anti-violence rally. Or perhaps we could muster a little concern about the civil war building in South Sudan, or school ourselves on the particulars of the Renisha McBride case.

With so much trouble in the world, I’m finding it hard to feel any type of way about Donald Sterling and his shenanigans, because racism was here long before he bought the Clippers, and it’ll be here long after they pry the team from his crusty hands.

In the meantime, there are far more important things I’d rather focus my time and energy on than making sure millionaire ballers have a boss who doesn’t hate their guts.

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