If you thought we were only capable of exhibiting the six basic human emotions – happy, sad, surprised, fearful, angry, and disgusted – you’ll be sadly surprised.

In an Ohio State University paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, we actually possess 15 compound emotions, which are a combination of the basic six. So basically we can join any two emotions to better describe how we’re feeling when one just won’t do.

I’m disgustedly happy today. What about you?


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  • Jjean

    I wonder if “some type of way” is one of them…

    • Estelle Self

      You ain’t kiddin’. I was wondering is there anyone out there that is as sick of hearing that phrase as I am! It was catchy at first but then it just got ridiculous. Youngsters are the biggest culprits, and they are coming dangerously close to dulling their wits pertaining to the usage of vocabulary and a command of the language. Minds are muscles in need of exercise . If they don’t get eny they’ll become atrophied. My three grown children, ages 22-36, are no exception, so I found a clever, comical way to break them of the habit. When they need my help one way or another, I simply tell them” the answer is no”. When they ask why….I tell ’em “I’m feeling some kind of way”. You may have assumed (correctly) that they’ve drastically cut back on the IFSKOW phrase.