How to Rock a Clutch



From business to casual, the clutch is a bag that can go anywhere. They can also be the smallest of bags to hold the basics (lipstick, credit/cash, phone, keys) or they can be as big as a handbag and hold your iPad and a change of shoes. The best clutch bags have a strap so you can have your hands free, but without a strap or chain this bag serves as a great accessory to your outfit. Check out this gallery of some stylish women rocking a clutch.

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  • Anonin

    I’m warming up to them but honestly I feel like most of them are a hassle because I feel like I can lose it as easily as the stuff inside it

  • Chachacha Girl

    I really like the metallic one, and I’m usually not into gigantic clutches but that one is nice. Oh, and thanks, Clutch for putting all of the pictures on one page. Much more viewer friendly. Hope that is going to be a trend around here.