The Atlantic recently ran a tl:dr (too long : didn’t read it) article in regards to women and how their lack of confidence causes inequality.  “The Confidence Gap”, which was written by two women, ABC News reporter Claire Shipman and BBC World News America’s Katty Kay, ironically comes out right after the Equal Pay Act was defeated.

From The Atlantic:

“Even as our understanding of confidence expanded… we found that our original suspicion was dead-on: there is a particular crisis for women — a vast confidence gap that separates the sexes,”they  wrote. “Compared with men, women don’t consider themselves as ready for promotions, they predict they’ll do worse on tests, and they generally underestimate their abilities. This disparity stems from factors ranging from upbringing to biology.”

Here’s the thing, no matter how confident a woman is, they’ll still have to deal with inequality, not only in the workplace, but in other walks of life as well.  Not only does some of the world’s top female executives lead companies, they’re still far behind their male counterparts when it comes to their salaries. I’m quite sure these are some of the most confident women in the world.

Then you have those women who exude confidence in the workplace, who are then labeled a bitch, bossy or even the “c” word-cunt. So nowadays women can’t win. Whether you’re confident as a motherfu*ker, or lack confident, there will always be inequality.

Hell, we can’t even get Republican congresswomen to vote in favor of the Equal Pay Act, so it seems as those inequality is here to stay.

Instead of  banning bossy, leaning in, or doing whatever new saying someone comes up with, just pay us equally. And don’t worry about a woman’s lack of confidence or over abundance of it.

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  • Me

    um… i don’t agree w/this article. i think women should be taught more to be confident in themselves. that doesn’t mean there ain’t problems with the system still but it’s true that people who don’t speak up for themselves & go get what they want in life basically gotta live waiting for people to notice them. considering how selfish folks are these days, waiting to get notice mean you gotta be the most patient person in the world. it’s nothing wrong w/teaching women to put themselves first by being confident & not apologizing for being confident even if people call you names. i’m all for any advice on how to succeed. cuz if you doing what you supposed to do, it’ll just make life that much sweeter when all the other crap that’s not in your control right now (like equal pay) gets fixed.

  • it’s overly simplistic to label the pay gap as gender issue.
    how do you explain that white women on average makes more than black men and hispanic men. or how do you explain white women making a lot more than black women (10% difference) and hispanic women (20% difference).

  • Tanielle

    Why does it have to be either or. Sexism causes both.

  • Rastaman

    The sexism and the lack of confidence can be mutually exclusive. Within all oppressed group there runs a confidence deficit and it affects how members of that group see themselves. It does not negate the fact that they are treated unfairly but it magnifies the effects of being treated unfairly. Over time, members of the oppressed group begin to accept it and that is a lack of confidence.
    The women legislators who voted against the Equal Pay Act are examples of so many in our society who act against their best interest to serve the interest of the people who oppress them.

  • katie

    So maybe the writer of this piece should have actually read the article because it did address inequality in the workplace and the double standard for women when it comes to appearing overconfident. They actually made a much more complex argument for the ways confidence can sometimes hold women back which any women who works in a professional settings has experienced going all the way back to how girls are socialized differently than boys. I expect more from Clutch…who actually brags about making an uninformed argument?