043014 Shaq JahmelCan someone tell me what the hell Shaquille O’Neal was thinking when he Instagrammed a photo making fun of a disabled fan’s selfie?

If that wasn’t bad enough, Shaq stitched his photo to a picture of Jahmel Binion, who has a rare disorder called ectodermal dysplasia, which causes missing teeth and sparse hair growth. The post received 14,000 likes with Waka Flocka Flame and other celebrities joining in on the mocking.

Shaq eventually deleted the post, but it’s too late. Binion considered Shaq an idol and respected the athlete’s charitable work and advocacy for the disadvantaged.

“I’ve been getting teased since I was yay (sic) tall. People laugh at me, stare at me,” Binion says to Fox 2 news in Michigan. “I was kind of hurt because I’ve always looked up to him. I’ve watched Shaq play basketball since I was (inaudible), so I was like, why are you making fun of me? He is supposed to be this role model.”

But Binion has managed to turn the negative experience into a positive, starting an anti-bullying campaign called ‘Hug, Don’t Judge.’

“I can’t let it get to me because then I get hurt and depressed,” Binion says.

Let’s see if Shaq and the others apologize and support Binion’s cause.

Shaq didn’t respond to Fox 2’s request for comment.



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