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Whether you wear your hair natural or relaxed, have a weave or a wig, your edges speak volumes about your hair health, and just how well you maintain your look, period. Unhealthy edges can come from over-processing with relaxers, strain from tight ponytails, braids or weaves, and other factors like wearing hats and wool scarves in the winter playing with our hair and just lack of moisture.

When styling relaxed or natural hair, look for edge  products that will help keep your edges sleek without the greasy and flaky residue.  Also, watch out for products that make your hair feel dry or hard. Check out our list of products to try for smooth and sleek edges. We have also listed some tips and product recommendations to help aid in nursing damaged edges back to health.

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  • ALM247

    Yep, Oyin’s burnt sugar pomade is the business! I noticed growth when I began using it.

    It smooths your hair down on the sides, and it contains a humectant, so the hair is still moisturized at the end of the day. My hair soaks up moisturizer like a sponge, and the burnt sugar pomade is the rare product that keeps my hair moisturized for hours.

    I didn’t realize that Shekinah had a product, and if the Tancho is good enough for Janelle Monae, then the product is definitely good enough for me.

    Thanks for introducing me to some new options!

  • TIGI Wax Stick
    I love the way it make my edges feel & look. And a little goes a long way.

  • J.Nicole

    I would stay away from Edge Control. I used it for a few months when I was blowdrying my hair and I noticed it caused some damage as well as a change to my curl pattern. I never had that issue with any other brand before. So for now, I’m using Emu oil to repair the damage left.

    • Chachacha Girl

      Wow, really? Have you heard anyone else complain about it for those reasons?

    • J.Nicole

      Nope, but I figured it was it since I only used it on one side. I’d pin that side up and let the rest fall freely and that same side is where I suffered the damage. I guess it’s a lesson learned to not to want to use so many products.

    • Fifi Gongon

      I was wondering the same thing, considering that some of these products are gels.

  • Anonin

    I never had a problem w my edges before so never felt the need to have them laid but bought the passion fruit one and omg its like magic! I couldn’t believe how well it worked and apparently not all pomades are like that.

  • Vag Owner

    can we please get a petition to stop the one by one loading? it took forever to get to the is the most annoying thing ever. curse whoever thought that was cute