Mike Mellia’s “Our Side of the Story: South Sudan” photo exhibition, in collaboration with Paul’s We Are Nilotic initiative, is not only breath taking, but also shows the faces of the former child soldiers and refugees of the violence in South Sudan.

The 14 photo collection includes humanitarians, actors, musicians and super models,  Nykhor Paul, Ajak Deng, Ataui Deng and Eligha Ojoko.

“We created this work as art rather than journalism because we would like to raise awareness of South Sudan as a cultural movement,” Mellia told Artinfo.com.

The exhibition opened on April 10 at the Tapir Editions Gallery at 39 White Street in New York City.

“My goal is to capture emotion and tell the story in an honest way, but more importantly, to show the individuality of each subject,” Mellia said. “I am an artist. I claim no authority on the topic except to tell the story and show the emotions of those involved. But I am hoping that as many people as possible see the images, are moved emotionally, and so, share them with as many others as they can.”


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You can visit  Mellia’s website to see the rest.

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