Listen, we don’t always rock with Steve Harvey’s brand of homespun, downhome, sometimes sexist wisdom, but this time Brother Harvey is onto something.

On a recent show titled, “I love my man but…” Love, a newlywed, contacted Harvey to get some advice on how to deal with her husband’s chilly reception to her natural hair. Although the pair had been together for nine years, Love’s husband had never seen her without her weave until recently.

“I understand natural hair takes time to grow out, [but] it wasn’t something I was used to,” Love’s husband told Harvey when the talk show host asked why he had such an extreme reaction to his wife’s hair. “I just wish there was more things she could do with it so that it could be more appealing.”

Love said her husband’s comments make her feel bad about herself and admitted she’d wear her natural hair out more often if she had her husband’s support.

Harvey had a word for Love’s husband, telling him, “You can’t be any more wrong with your approach. You cannot, at no point in a relationship with a woman, say or make them feel unattractive.”

Harvey continued: “You gotta be just a little more understanding, this is who you married. And the bottom line is, they have a choice. It’s theirs. It ain’t yo damn head! All you did  was put a ring on her finger, this ain’t yours.”

C’mon Steve! Tell it!

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  • ShazzNem

    Are you telling me he married her without knowing what her real hair looked like? This is tragic.

  • Tired Of The Chaos

    The two become one after marriage. His body is no longer his as hers is her own. 1 Corinthians 7 is something that Steve and everyone else that wants to riot needs to take a look at. That is his WIFE. She’s not his fiancé, girlfriend, or random chick he messes with on the side. HE DOES HAVE A SAY. All these women want to revolt talking about they’re not happy, but at what point do you think the man isn’t also doing MANY things that he doesn’t wish to do because it’s for YOU? If being natural is such a big deal then both parties need to align their perspectives. A middle ground DOES exist but neither party can be biased as to what they will not accept. Everyone has their fists raised yelling YAAAAAAS at Steve Harvey for putting his nose in someone else’s marriage, but in all actuality he hasn’t a dagblasted thing to say about that man’s marriage. 1 Corinthians 7. It’s new testament so don’t even try that angle. That’s post-Jesus. #GetYourLives

    • chell

      Ephesians 5:28,29 So husbands ought also to love their own wives as their own bodies. He who loves his own wife loves himself; for no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ also does the church.

      Telling his WIFE that her natural hair is not loving, nourishing or cherishing her. In fact it is hateful! Furthermore, the weaves are damaging to her hair and scalp as are relaxers and excessive heat. He does not do anything damaging to his hair or scalp. In fact he is wearing his hair natural. Therefore, he (according to the Bible) should not require it of his WIFE. If you don’t like “doing things you don’t wish to do” then you probably shouldn’t try to have a marriage based on the Bible. Christ was crucified for the church, meaning a husband is supposed to be willing to be crucified for his wife. And you’re complaining about a hairstyle?

  • Natural Kinky Curly Marie

    The psychotherapist is generalizing. Self-esteem is NOT tied to Hair unless that’s what you were taught. Hair can be healthy either way Natural or Straightened. There are many resources and youtube channels with several ladies who represent the many relaxed sisters who have long, strong healthy hair down their back and waist. The same goes with Natural hair. There are many Natural Hair channels with tips and advice.