I get it, Cosmopolitan is all about sex. It has been since its inception. I wasn’t even allowed to skim through the pages of it while grocery shopping with my mother. She would always hit me with the Dikembe Mutombo:

But in this month’s May issue, someone thought it would be a great idea to take the female cast members from Saturday Night Live and “sex” them up in some pink lingerie. I mean, how else would you highlight the comedic chops of women? Sarcasm. It’s already sad, that there’s a connotation that women just aren’t “that” funny.

“I’d like to think that we are past the point of debate over how funny women can be. I feel a responsibility to make sure there are things on the show that represent what women are thinking. I can probably write a more accurate birth-control parody than a guy writer from The Harvard Lampoon. Although those guys can surprise you sometimes,” Nasim Pedrad told Cosmo when asked if she felt a responsibility to “raise the bar for women in comedy”.

And then there’s newcomer, Sasheer Zamata.

You know the black woman who ended SNL’s Black lady drought that they experienced ever since Maya Rudolph’s (please save the she’s not Black comments, they’re old) exit.

Well apparently Zamata doesn’t think she was solely hired because of her blackness.

There was a lot of buzz about your casting. What’s your take? 
I’m just glad to be hired, honestly. I do love being black — it is a part of my life and identity, but as far as work goes, I’m a comedian. They hired me because I’m a comedian.

Apparently Zamata totally forgot the fact that they hired her because she’s a BLACK comedian. Did they not specifically feel the backlash from the lack of Black actresses on the show? Specifically after Kenan Thompson stuck his fat foot in his mouth after Jay Pharoah said there should be a Black actress on the show?

If they were doing an open casting call for Asian comedians, I’m just going to assume she would have been looked over. How quickly we forget.

Also, Zamata doesn’t feel that she has to represent Black women in a certain way, which is pretty much true, because she’ll have to perform what the writers, write and the producers, produce. “I don’t. I also don’t know if black women see me and are like, “She’s representing all of us.” All I’m doing is telling jokes. I’m not making legal decisions for them. I do want little girls to watch the show and think they could do what I’m doing. That’d be awesome”.

Although many people will say that SNL hasn’t been funny…since forever….contrary to popular beliefs, it still has a large fan base.  Maybe next time Cosmo decides to sex-up the SNL cast, they’ll do a photo shoot of Kenan Thompson and Jay Pharoah in one of those sock things strippers wear on their penis.

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  • Tierney

    I’m a Cosmo subscriber and I found this spread to be un-informative, un-insightful, and worst of all (given the premise) un-sexy! Lol.
    Regarding Sasheer’s comments, I am disappointed that she refused to at least publicly address the terms in which she was hired. Especially since SNL had no problem publicly and condescendingly stating EXACTLY what they were looking for. I’m over black entertainers waxing “post-racial” after they’ve made it. Shrugs.
    Ironiclly, I stopped being a Kevin Hart fan after he went OUT OF HIS WAY to gloss over this very SNL topic.

    • “Waxing post-racial after they’ve made it” Ding ding ding!
      It’s because, of course, they don’t want to draw attention to their blackness or in any way admit the obstacles to their success that come with it. that challenges the system, which they just happened to have lucked out in.
      it reminds me of a quote about how female CEOs are always describing themselves as “human beings first” and women only incidentally. They do this because “the female body has become so problematic for women that it has often seemed easier to shrug it off and travel as a disembodied spirit.” But in doing so, as you say of Sasheer above regarding her race, they minimize the reality of their identities.

    • Tierney

      That’s a really good point. It’s almost as if women, to your point, minimize themselves professionally to minimize male discomfort.

  • SimplePseudonym

    You’re compleeeeeetely misconstruing what she said. I’m curious: why the negativity?

  • I would have loved if this spread was a sort of ironic take on the “sexy underwear shoot,” but its falls way short of that. Imagine if Sasheer had refused to pose any other way than by sticking her stomach out and hunching her shoulders and pulling a weird face. THAT I would have thought was funny

  • Tiara Thornton

    I feel like (always) ur goin overboard. The Cosmo spread is a parody of a sleep over, bc that’s what girls do, not really sexing it up bc honestly none of those photos weren’t maxim worthy.

    Also maybe Zamata don’t want to b type cast as ‘the black girl’ which plenty of clutch readers have been there before. She’s a funny comedian regardless of race or gender. Maybe she did in thru affirmative action, but she’s there. What do we want her to do?