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Last week, Britni asked if Europe is the single black women’s promised land. If Taraji P. Henson read that post, she might’ve raised her hand and yelled, “Yasssss!”

The 43-year-old actress recently told Wendy Williams she’s peeking outside the States, too.

“I’m dating. The thing is that I’m done – I can’t say that I’m totally done with American men, but I’m very excited about my finds over [Wendy: In Europe where the Counts are?]”

She explains why she’s interested in the men across the pond:

“You know what it is? I think there’s a cultural difference with men from other countries. They are not as bitter and jaded and closed up as a lot of the men here,” she says. “I’m not saying all men. I can’t say that I’m done with American men. I’ll never say that.”

Watch Taraji talk about dating, her character in Person of Interest and her new movie role in From the Rough before she performs a reading from Wendy’s new book, “Hold Me in Contempt.”

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  1. Red Pill

    Why do these thirsty and lonely idiots keep embarrassing themselves in public by helping the same people that don’t want them emphasize exactly why they aren’t desirable?

    I really appreciate what Taraji has to say. Because when people need insight on bitterness and jadedness, they look to a single mother with all the money in the whole who still can’t get a man in her backyard lol.

    • Tanielle

      Why is getting a man in your backyard better than finding one elsewhere? The fact of the matter is she is an adult. If she wants to go to Europe to find a man what is the reason for anyone else to be upset about it.

      She is speaking from her experience with American men. Another women might have a different one. To each their own. What are her choices taking away from you?

    • eve-audrey

      “What are her choices taking aaway from you?” Nothing but she said she liked european (white) men so she has low IQ, low self esteem and is bitter because she could not have red pill/nirvana in her backyard. Do you understand?


    • Ask_Me

      Don’t forget she was a “reject” incapable of getting a “good” black man….

      It’s a damn shame we can mock this man word for word.

    • eve-audrey


    • Tanielle

      I love the men who post on this site. It gives me insight into the BS people with weak minds spew.
      1. Don’t agree with my comment = you can’t read
      2. Post a good argument I can refute = I simply won’t answer and will attack you or black woman in general
      3. Continue to poke holes in my argument = Childish name calling

    • Riyo.Chiasa

      According to ‘Red Pill’, anyone who does not agree with him has a reading comprehension problem.

    • Ask_Me


    • Red Pill

      What does my comment have to do with anything you said? Please tune up your comprehension.

    • Riyo.Chiasa

      “You bitter ass attention-craving reject mammies are something else. ”

      By what means are those who respond to you craving attention? Why are you under the impression that your opinions will go unchallenged?

      Can you answer that without a condescending rant?

    • Red Pill

      One can’t “challenge” something by circumventing it. When a person “responds” to me by addressing everything else but what I actually say, it means they are begging for attention.

      You, “The Moon in the Sky,” are a fatherless misandrist moron that I long dismissed. That is not a rant. Hope you feel better.

    • Tanielle

      Wait, I am totally confused. You are a man posting on a site aimed at black women and the women who frequent the site are the ones looking for attention. Wouldn’t a woman looking for attention from men go to a site aimed at men? Someone is looking for attention here but I am certain it isn’t the women frequenting a site aimed at women.

    • Riyo.Chiasa


    • Riyo.Chiasa

      I didn’t think so.

    • Tonididitonem

      He’s the most angry and condescending black man ever. Yuck.

    • Tanielle

      You managed to use every tool used by weak men to respond to those that don’t agree with their argument. Name calling, attack black women, and making it seem like I can’t read. Good job.

    • Red Pill

      Yet still, you can’t point to any part of my comment that has any semblance to your psychotic spiel lol. Imbecile reject.

    • Tanielle

      “Because when people need insight on bitterness and jadedness, they look to a 43 year old single mother with all the money in the world who could never get a man in her backyard lol.”

      Are these not your words? Again, why is getting a man in your backyard better than finding one elsewhere?

      Are you not implying that she is forced to search elsewhere since she “could never” get a man in her own backyard? She is stating that she doesn’t want the men in her backyard. If that is the case it is her business. So yes, I addressed a point YOU made in your post.

    • Red Pill

      Smh. Would you look at that dumb misappropriation from someone who cannot comprehend basic irony. Sorry there’s no nice way to put this, but you simply can’t muster enough intelligence for me to even bother.

      If anyone actually cared who black women dated, there wouldn’t be so many lonely and bitter ones looking so shameless pathetic at every turn. I perfectly don’t expect you to get that.

    • Tanielle

      You seem very angry. Who hurt you? The fact that you can’t respond to anything without a ton of insults implies that you might have some internalized anger. You might want to consider some of that mental healthcare you mentioned earlier. It isn’t healthy to have that much hate in you. It can cause heart problems, depression, stroke, etc. Best of luck.

    • Red Pill

      Ok, reject mammy. Does that mean your slow ass finally gets to leave me alone? Don’t answer that.

  2. I’m a black female who has lived in Europe and north America. Europeans, as a whole, are more into natural looks, less plastic surgery and are less ‘image’ conscious. European Blacks came from Black majority countries where darker skin and Afro hair more more readily accepted. Africans own many successful businesses & Caribbean people are likely to own 2 homes, one here & in Caribbean. There isn’t an economic divide as the USA. Europeans also fought each other bitterly and still resent each other, England, Irish, Scottish, welsh, french, German and now Eastern Europeans (being poor & don’t speak English)are targeted for abuse. So I found blacks can intermix here with whites from all walks of life. My Black friends have married wealthy white men and black men. White celebrities frequently chase black love interests, like Simon Cowell, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Michael Fassbender, Boris Becker, prince of Lichenstein and Austria, , etc. There isn’t a social stigma as bad as it is for an American, black or white to date a black girl, especially a darker one. I’m frequently shocked by the lack of colour in African American shows , when it comes to the love interest. Here in Europe, we promote all hues like Lupita n’Yongo, naomi Campbell, Naomie Harris, etcThe racism I’ve experienced here in Europe is not the majority. It is always just a few, but most are nice.

    • Ivory

      You’re kidding right? France and the uk have the biggest black populations in europe. France is notorious for its racism against Africans from the north and west of the continent. The uk has zero black middle class with South Asians (the most hated of minorities) surpassing Afro Caribbean blacks in all walks of life. The mixing you see in the uk of blacks and whites is thanks to the growing white underclass you find in the uk.

    • Tonididitonem

      Such nice words uplifting your own fellow black people. Basically in your words black people are such trash they can only mix with low class whites smh. You’re toxic man

  3. Who’s says she was referring to black men? Certainly not Taraji! In fact
    Ms. Henson tweeted on her account( @therealtaraji )Wednesday that she
    was not speaking to Black Men and asked that the headline be corrected.
    This particularly inexcusable since the video of her Wendy Wiliiams
    interview is available and clearly contradicts these headlines. There
    are plently of non-American men of color ( Idris Elba anyone). What
    bothers me about the focus on this non-issue, besides her being
    misquoted, is that the timing is very suspicious. She is currently on a
    media tour to promote her new film From The Rough. Compared to this
    misquote, how many headlines have we seen about the film? She has
    recently been very vocal about the lack of films/roles for Black Women
    in Hollywood, so why is misquoting Ms.Henson the focus of Black Media
    during this time? By the way, Clutch TV : From The Rough opens 4/25. Go
    to @FromTheRoughMov or Taraji’s twitter account for further details.

  4. Mimimojito

    I’m sorry, but if this was coming from a Black man, it would’ve been a riot.