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Taraji P. Henson says hold up, we misunderstood.

Yes, she did tell Wendy Williams European men are less jaded and bitter than American men, but she didn’t say she was done with black men!

“I was misquoted. They [media] said I was done with Black men,” Henson tells HipHollywood. “I have a Black son. What are you saying? What does that mean?”

“I said that I have started dating other cultures, so it was a celebration of other cultures and not a put down of my own,” she continues. “That’s stupid. Why would I say I’m done with Black men. That’s dumb.”

But her dating advice for single women remains.

“Broaden your spectrum,” she says.


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  • Deidrah

    She should not even have to explain herself. No need to please militant afrocentrists.

  • K. Michel

    Taraji, like most Black celebrities today (such as Pharrell), is a victim of projection.

    Since the Black online world is engaged in a “gender war”, a lot of people are projecting their own non-issues onto those who live on a much higher stratosphere. I can’t remember the last time I commented on an article …and still, I see the SAME people saying the SAME things they did six months ago.

    It’s as if the Black people who engage in this behavior are in denial about how ignorant their language really is… and how out of touch THEY are with the rest of the world. The funniest are the “Black” people who use statistics without so much as a sociology course on what the information means and how to interpret the data they have.

    Trust me, if any Black person using “statistics” online actually knew how to use the data accurately, man …the level of conversation would have risen exponentially than from what we all see in the comment section of this (and seemingly ever other) online Black publication. In any event, I hope Taraji continues to live a great life. That’s what great people do, live great.