Apparently in Birmingham, Ala., feeding the homeless involves $500 worth of red tape, and a benevolent pastor is learning all about it. Pastor Rick Wood, from Lord’s House of Prayer in Oneonta, made it his mission to feed homeless people every other Saturday for the last 6 years. But because of an ordinance, hundreds of homeless people will go hungry.

Last month, town officials told Wood that unless he gets a food truck license, he can’t provide for the homeless.  Of course the town would make $500 off of Wood, once he pays for the license.

I’m just so totally shocked that the city is turning their back on the homeless like this,” he told ABC 33/40. “It’s like they want to chase them out of the city. And the homeless can’t help the position they’re in. They need help.”

But Wood has vowed to continue his service, like many other advocates who have faced similar bureaucratic measures.

Wood lives by the scripture Matthew 25, 35-40, which he has posted on his truck.

“I was hungry, I was thirsty, I was naked, I was sick and in prison,” Wood said. “When you do to them, you do to me.”

Wood will now serve food at The Church of the Reconciler in downtown Birmingham.

ABC 33/40 – Birmingham News, Weather, Sports

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