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A transgender student at a Charlotte, NC college says she was discriminated against by the university and harassed by security.  Andraya Williams,  a 22 year-old student at  Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte,  was stopped by a security guard as she exited the women’s bathroom and was asked to show her  school ID.

“It was very embarrassing and humiliating because I didn’t feel like it was any of her business.”  Williams then said she was asked what her gender was by the security officer. 

“She outright asked me was I male or female and I told her that I was female. I showed her my ID and she called for backup.”

According the university, the guard was looking out for the safety of students because she thought Williams was a man dressed as a woman going into the bathroom.

Williams is alleging that the guard publicly mocked her.

“She was kind of chuckling. I felt like she was picking on me.”

Sarah Demarest, Williams’ attorney, says her client was escorted off campus, suspended and would only be allowed back if she used the gender neutral bathroom.  Demarest also said the dean requested proof that she was a female.  “He told her she had to bring in medical proof of being a female if she wanted to use the female restroom.”

A spokesman for the school, Jeff Lowrance, says Williams was never technically suspended but did get in trouble for not showing her school ID.  “Central Piedmont, like many colleges and universities across the country, is beginning to recognize and understand the needs of transgender students. However, the college must balance these needs with those of the general student population,”Lowrance said.

Williams says it’s just plain discrimination. She and her attorney are considering filing a formal complaint and they are hoping for an apology from the school. A group of students are planning a protest Friday at the school.

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  • Lina

    What a ridiculous statement to compare transgender women with people who may feel like cats. We know nothing abt cats’ species identity (?!) and so there’s no way to even reasonably talk abt that. Also if someone feels like a cat, let them, that doesnt concern me in the least unless i know the person and think something else is going on.

    Please do tell me what makes a real woman. A vagina? Chromosomes? Ovaries? Makeup? I have debunked all of those definitions in my other posts here so i will refer to those or countless of more well written articles etc on that which u can find online. Being a woman is nothing more than an identity. I hate to break that to you! But the beauty of it is that it doesnt in any way pose a threat to a cis woman. It is ridiculous to think that there will be some sort of influx in drones of men who pretend to feel like women just for the hell of it. Transgender women is a very very small group, maybe it will be slightly bigger the more we accept ot but it is unreasonable to think it will pose a threat. And if men use acceptance of transgender women to harass women – thats on them! Dont blame transgender women for that. It’s certainly not their fault men treat women like shit.

  • Simone L

    I don’t remember which clutch commenter said it a while ago but I never forgot it because it was truth. They said if you move to Japan, learn the language and culture, does that automatically make you Japanese? I don’t agree with discrimination but damn. You are what you were born with . Don’t play. If I feel like I’m in the wrong body and I want to be a cheetah…am I a cheetah?

    • Secret

      Think that was me. I mean were honest about people who bleach their skin many like to call it self hate. Doesn’t HE has gender issues and gender self hate? And most trans women never cut off their MAN-hood. Yet they claim their minds say they are a woman…right. If I was born a man and I feel like a woman take my penis and balls away! Thats why they don’t like it when you ask them if they still have theirs because the answer is always or more so yes.

  • Lina

    Ms vee – did i say height was a social construct? We MEASURE height we don’t measure gender. Relative measurement stays intact across time and across culture, gender does not. What we see as typical for a woman vs typical for a man changes all the time – bc gender is a social construct. Thanks for your concerns abt my sleep tho.

    • Ms. Vee

      Since you’re not too bright i shall reiterate. Gender is measured based off the genitals and chromosomes you were BORN with. Just like height is determined by birth. You cannot be male or female because of some personal and/or social decision. Get real.

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