bold braids

Another day, another public dragging, only this time women’s glossy Marie Claire found itself on the wrong side of Black Twitter.

After tweeting a picture asserting reality TV star (and baby sister to the Kardashian trio) Kendall Jenner was taking “bold braids to a new epic level,” several pointed out there was nothing “new,” “epic,” or “bold” about Jenner’s cornrows. As a matter of fact, many others have been doing the same thing for years.

Here are some of our favorite tweets (but do yourself a favor and take a look at the #BoldBraids hashtag):

And…just in case the NSA is watching the tweets. Can sistas in the military please be allowed to rock their Bold braids?

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 6.38.07 PM

Marie Claire responded, telling readers they “didn’t mean to offend or imply that cornrows were new” and their tweets were “poorly worded.”

Bold braids

Too late?

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  • Deidrah

    Even though my views/ideology are not always in line with those on this site, it should be important to point out that educating yourselves on the origin of hairstyles instead on injecting your own bias is important.

    We did not actually invent braiding. That is not a “black person thing”. It is a human being thing. There is a reason why I mention this.

    If you actually do your research, you will see that many other non blacks have been wearing braids and yes even dreads for thousands of years.–Ever heard of the vikings?

    Also, many of you fail to realize that not all black people have the same culture.

    What is “black people’ clothes”?

    What is “black people’s style”??

    If a white person stated “black people’s stuff”,you all would be crying racism and stereotypes.

    So why do you do it to yourself? What is “black people’s clothes” what is “black people’s style”?? We all are one monolithic body?

    Since when does having the same skin color automatically equate having the same culture? Just like not every white person will have the same culture and viewpoint. Yes that is true. I know that is hard for some of you to believe. And that is apparent in some of these comments. Not all white people think alike and come from the same background.

    If you want to complain about people stereotyping us, then atleast-

    1. Remove the plank in your eye and quit stereotyping others
    2. Stop stereotyping ourselves

    Again, we are not a monolithic body.

    • Anonin

      Those mattes the vikings had were not dreads. No duh braids aren’t new, especially the ones on Kendall’s head. The braids worn on dutch milkmaids ARE NOT the same as the braids worn by the tribes in Africa.

      I can’t w/ some people

    • jmjg

      Some of you are extra special. SMDH.

  • laone

    Up in arms over this? I find it not bold or epic, but I get it– the implication is that FOR HER (a celeb who’s never been seen before with this style, and who happens to be non-black) it is bold and epic. Damn some of ya’ll stay looking for a fight! And no The Blacks of The World do not OWN braids!

    Had she shaved that side or dyed it green it would’ve likely been dubbed bold and epic FOR HER just as well. Good night!

  • Josh West

    Fuckin white people…

  • dee

    They did not say Kendall invented the style- they said she was rocking it, and it was bold and on a new level -in terms of white lady braid styles-. For a white woman-it is a bold look. The magazine is focused towards white woman. They did not have black woman on their minds when making the statement. If a black woman was in the picture and was wearing the style, they would not have said it, the world knows that the style is not new to black woman. People thinking the magazine was trying to insult black woman is absolutely ridiculous. Does Sister Sister magazine think about discrediting white woman or Indian when they feature a black woman with a new kind of long, straight weave? Of course not, it’s now the look looks on THEM. There is no statement discrediting black woman or the fact that they have worn their hair like that, first, and all the time. As far as white people stealing black style, and it looking modern because a white person wears it, and on blacks it’s considered ghetto, I disagree. At the end of the day, it’s how one pulls the whole look together, combined with your behavior, that will turn the tide either way. When rappers started wearing kilts, did all of the white people here and in Scottland go on a rant about how blacks are stealing our style? Lol. It’s really not as deep as the black community wants to make this. In truth, the black community insults itself the worst, constantly bringing each other down for superficial reasons. It’s amazing how, “Black Twitter” is outraged about a white lady and her hairstyle, while thousands of black youth continue to be victims of homicide in Chicago-the murder capital of our country, more than double the amount in LA and NYC. Black people are doing this to each other- the white man is out of this one. Priorities people, open your mind beyond the superficial.