Western Washington University (WWU) President Bruce Shepard is under fire for his recent comments on improving diversity at the college.

Shepard, who’s called the lack of diversity on campuses across the country a “national crisis,” explained in a 2012 convocation speech, “…If in decades ahead, we are as White as we are today, we will have failed as a university.”

It’s an idea he has continued to discuss since becoming university president six years ago. Recently, he took his message directly to students in a questionnaire, asking, “How do we make sure that in future years ‘we are not as White as we are today?'”

Many Conservatives have lambasted Shepard, claiming his comments are offensive and anti-White.

Caleb Bonham, editor of campusreform.org, an organization for Conservative college students said, “I think he’s being very insensitive to how people are perceived based on the color of their skin.”

And Lars Larson, a Conservative talk radio host, called Shepard’s view racist. “I’m not surprised when liberal universities take these kind of ridiculous, bigoted, racist positions.”

Three-quarters of the students at WWU and over 80% of its staff are White, a fact that isn’t lost on many of its students.

“One of the first weeks that I was here on campus, I was just walking through Red Square, and I was kind of just noticing that it felt White,” WWU student Alexis Burton said. “Like, there were people missing.”

Despite the uproar, which has included several threats, Shepard is not backing down from his position.

“My role as a leader is to ask questions that take people outside of their zones of comfort,” he explained. “I needed to provoke attention to the changing demography of our state, and when you use words like ‘White,’ that does get people’s attention.”

Although race does not factor into admission decisions at WWU, Shepard said universities across the nation have to work harder to ensure campuses look like the rest of America.

“How do we respond to the changing character and nature of our nation, the enormous potential that’s there that we have not tapped? That’s really the issue we face.”

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  • ALM247

    Why is he still having this same conversation 6 years later? As university president, surely action makes more sense here than giving speeches on the topic does.

    If you seek greater diversity, then RECRUIT and ADMIT a diverse student body. All talk and little action…..

  • Ask_Me

    @Clutch and Britni….

    I’m sorry for the part I played in the comment session on the Taraji P. Henson/European men post.

    I can say me and the other sisters were only snapping back at the trolls.

    • Guest

      The Whole thing was Started by you, why are you sorry now ?

    • Ask_Me

      Thisguy…you got blocked. Why? Because you started it.

      Good day!

  • my self

    But the WUU President Bruce Shepard has a point, by 2050 the word minority may no longer be synonymous with non-white folks but of white folks. Thinking from a social marketing point of view there will be more opportunities for black, Asian, Hispanic, Arab, etc. seeking and attending institutions of higher education than whites. That means the atmosphere and racial political environment of colleges will change dramatically.

    Shepard is bringing up an issue that white conservatives are afraid of and have cause so much barriers of entry for minority students. A nation and its economic stability is base on several factors. But the more profound is the availability of education to its population. White conservatives will destroy this nation if they keep believing their pseudo white dominance theories and continue to deny minorities proper education.

    That is the issue with racism, its a complete moronic concept of oppression that humans find difficult to let go. Whites for the longest had superiority and made it happen off of the sweat, blood, and incarceration of minorities fighting, dying and losing to become equals. But when the fields are match and minorities out number the majority, when will white supremacist and conservatives realize their ideology has left them stranded and erased them for humanity?

    • qualityrkc

      You are a racist.

  • ♎Lauren♎

    LMAO! White folks can’t stand the idea of not being the majority and being in power. The president of this university just has poor word choice. Next time get someone else to write your speeches and surveys.

    • qualityrkc

      That or minorities can’t stand that equal opportunity did not come with equal results so they keep forcing through racist legislation and talking points which leave poor and middle class white people stuck in a system which seeks to punish them bc people who shared their skin color did bad things a long time ago. Equal protection under the law. What is so hard about that?