American Greetings had an amazing idea for Mother’s Day, so it enlisted the help of Boston-based advertising agency Mullen for the campaign this year.

“One of our writers went home to Michigan to be with her family,” recalled Jon Ruby, vice president and creative director at Mullen. “She spent quite a bit of time with her brother and sister-in-law. She does not have kids, but they do. In watching them, she saw how they interacted with the kids. Her sister-in-law was on her feet 24/7 and never stopped working.

“When she came back, she said being a mom is really the world’s toughest job.”

Mullen decided to place job advertisements for a “fake” job, and then interviewed unsuspecting applicants.

Only 24 people inquired about the position after reading the job description. According to Ruby, the number of applicants was in line with Mullen’s estimates. Mullen used both Skype and a videoconference center in New York City to film the interviews. The person conducting the interviews was a paid actor, who told the job applicants that he was in Houston. In reality, the paid actor was talking to them from another room in the same center.

The following video will bring all. of. the tears.


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