In yet another display of child abused posted on social media, Vine user @NikoWavy posted  someone else’s video of of a toddler smoking that resembles a blunt. The short clip showed a toddler sitting on the toilet, inhaling and in the background you can hear adults laughing. The Vine had over 33,000 shares on Twitter and 4,500 revines (reposts).

Although @NikoWayy made it clear it wasn’t his video, it didn’t prevent the backlash from happening.

@NikoWavy I sure as shit did and I’m not the only one. Who cares if you didn’t film it you’re ignorant for uploading it.

— Kimberly Thompson (@KimProving) April 11, 2014

The internet sleuths over at  Reddit  decided to do something about the video. According to the Daily Dot, Reddit user skidoorider21 was quick to tell the Californian Child Protection Services that somebody in their state had copied a video. But unfortunately, they weren’t able to pinpoint who the kid belongs to.

What’s sad about the video is that clearly the kid has inhaled and exhaled before.

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  • For the love…STOP F*CKING UP YOUR KIDS!!! This can’t be blamed on anyone/anything else except bad parenting.

  • Chauntelle

    I can’t deal with this mess.

  • Mary Burrell

    God help this child. I hope someone removes this baby from the cretins.

  • BrowneWives

    Maybe the boy has problems. Big deal marihuana is not harmful. It’s better than eating meat.