Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune has seen its fair share of terrible players come and go, but Indiana University freshman honors student Julian Batt, might just take the cake.

On Friday, Batt staked his claim for “worst answer of all time” right alongside the guy who guessed “Fish Love” instead of “Wish List,” and the woman who answered, “Self-potato” instead of “self-portrait.”

With a million dollars on the line, and a fully solved puzzle in front of him, Batt managed to lose it all because he didn’t know how to pronounce “Achilles.”

It can happen to anyone right?

Batt shook off his mistake to continue playing, lighting up the board and scoring car and a bunch of cash, but….he was undone once again by a bad guess (and then another).

The show wasn’t entirely bad for Batt, who majors in business and Spanish. Despite losing a million bucks, a car, and trips to London and Jamaica, Batt still came out on top, winning over $11,000 and being the night’s top winner.

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