Every week we try to highlight a YouTube series that is “for us by us”. For the most part they’ve been scripted comedies, but let’s take a step into animation.  #CollegeProblems is an animated series by Casby Bias, a senior at Marquette University. #CollegeProblems is a hilarious look at issues college students face throughout their everyday campus life.

I had a chance to talk to Bias about her series and motivation behind it.

casby pictureWhy did you start the series? I started the series because I wanted people to realize that they were not alone when it came to college issues. Roommate bringing her boyfriend too often by the dorm room? Been there. Struggling to get through a class with a professor who can’t stay on topic? Done that. Ever had a student shout the N-word from down the hallway in your dorm and act like it’s nothing? Of course. I thought it would be fun to develop a comedy that would serve not only as a voice for the voiceless, but to also inspire change on college campuses.

How did you get into animation? I’ve been drawing and writing since I was a child. But I officially started engaging in animation by creating my own cartoon web series November 2012 on Marquette University’s campus. Originally I wanted to design a comic strip, but my school’s magazine and newspaper wouldn’t accept any strips from students. But through Toon Boom Software supplied to me by the university’s technology lab, I taught myself how to animate my own creations using nothing but my finger and the motion pad on my laptop. I immediately enjoyed animating as a medium where I could use my creativity and voice my (and others) opinion(s). I’ve been creating pieces ever since!

What are you future career goals? Right now I’m looking into graduate school, particularly programs that are focused on media studies or animation. As for long term, I have a dream of making collections of social justice/diversity focused animated shorts for such channels as Disney and Cartoon Network. Basically, I would love to have my own animated television show on one of those networks!

Check out the most recent episode of #CollegeProblems below  and make sure you subscribe to their YouTube channel!

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