Nowadays life is all about convenience and being able to access your favorite products on the go.  Stroll through any mall or airport and you’ll see vending machines selling everything from iPods to Beats By Dre. In New York City, you can already buy fresh cupcakes from vending machines and in Los Angeles, Happy Baby Vending machines dispense healthy snacks and eco-products for kids. 

So why not hair weave?

Mane Vending is the brainchild of Marcella Ellis, owner of Marcella Ellis Hair Studios and Marcella Ellis School of Cosmetic Arts in Fairfax, Virginia. Ellis’ goal was to not only provide women with convenience when it comes to their hair choices, but to also retain revenue in the Black community that’s usually absorbed by Korean hair supply businesses.

“Having been in the hair extension industry for over 20 years, my goal in creating The Mane Vendor® was to empower hair salon owners nationwide, bringing the supply of hair extensions back into the salon,” said Ellis. “In addition to keeping the revenues earned from hair extensions within our local communities, it will also improve the customers’ experience. No longer will they need to travel to a hair supply stores to purchase their extensions before coming to the salon.”

Mane Vending not only provides franchise opportunities for people who are interested in starting their own business,  but the company also partners with beauty salons to provide them with additional revenue by having a machine on the premise. 

We all know hair is a billion dollar business, whether you rock your own or someone else’s.  But would you purchase your hair from a machine?

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