A couple of weeks ago, a few Twitter users participated in #RaceSwapExp for a week. #RaceSwapExp was started by Mikki Kendall, who launched #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen.

As part of #RaceSwapExp Black women exchanged their Twitter user photos for white men. Christopher Carbone, a writer based of New York City, swapped his photo out for a Black woman’s photo.   In a recent post of Thought Catalog, Carbone discusses what he learned after ‘living’ as a Black woman on the popular social network.

From Thought Catalog:

1. My follower count went up by about 65. The vast majority of these were social justice-minded people; many (not all) were women of color. I’m not complaining. In fact, I’m thrilled.

2. My troll count went from a handful per week to many more, overnight. I was blocking/reporting around 15 to 25 of them per day. Many were eggs, some were white liberals, some were right-wingers and others were just dudes of unknown political origin.

3. The level of hateful tweets went from zero to off the charts. With many of these trolls, I would respond once and then block them, or just block them. One such troll, @vincentBrook666, tweeted the following to me in all caps.

Luckily for Carbone, he’s able to return back to his normal photo.  But what he experienced is just a small fraction of what Black women on social media experience every day.

Carbone recognizes his privilege and said just as much, ” For the brilliant women of color that I follow, that’s not an option. If nothing else, this experience has given a new urgency to my personal resolve: I will work to dismantle white supremacy, decenter whiteness and center the voices of black people in my work and my life”.

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  • G

    One of the problems is no one shames these horrible racist people.

    With the election of Obama and then the re-election of Obama, these people have came out in droves. Sarah Palin, FOX News and the GOP have courted these people and unfortunately they have been given a loud and persistent voice.

    Incident of racial hate (such as the recent shooting in Kansas, the earlier attack of a Black woman in front of her child by a white male . . .etc) are on the rise . . . and the media has said nothing to deride and shame these people . . . . the very people the GOP expects to re-elect them in this coming mid term!

    We are becoming a country of beast . . . can no one hear my scream?

  • Jess Geez

    Great idea. More brilliance, as usual, from Mikki Kendall.

    However, it’s so sad that a white dude needs to pretend to be a Black woman (something, btw, white folks do all the time online, largely to troll and derail convos), for people to stop and listen. Black women have been saying this for SO LONG.

    White people: we need to listen and STFU when folks Of Colour talk about racism (since, y’know, they’re the ones who experience it), and believe what they say, not wait white until a white person confirms it. Some suggestions on twitter:


    And then follow some of the folks they follow. That should get you started.

  • Tookookarew

    It’s in some people’s DNA to be evil and racist. They can’t resist the urge to be hateful, which is really pathetic-it’s like a social tick or Tourette’s.