140410-hillary-clinton-jms-1907_f554cdc30f09fe9b9e9740e0e8ceffcaSomebody didn’t like what Hillary Clinton had to say during a speech at a Las Vegas hotel Thursday. As the former secretary of state was speaking, a woman threw a shoe at the stage.

The woman wasn’t a ticketed guest but had rushed past security earlier.

“As agents and hotel security approached her, she threw a shoe and was immediately taken into custody by the Secret Service and hotel security,” says Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie.

Fortunately, the woman didn’t have perfect aim because Clinton’s duck was delayed. Clinton joked about the incident – asking if the object was a bat – before continuing on with her speech.

“Thank goodness she didn’t play softball like I did,” Clinton adds.

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  • ALM247

    This is messed up.

    Real talk, though…I was thinking the same thing as the Clutch contributor who posted this. Mrs. Clinton is going to have to tighten up on her reflexes. It took her a good 30 seconds to duck after the shoe flew past her. If that blonde woman had a better aim, Mrs. Clinton would have been on the floor.

  • Chauntelle

    It’s funny that the girl just walked out on her own followed by the Security, cause if she was Black her ass would have been dragged out… Smdh!

    • John Smith

      yeah sure clear example of racism, my god you people are pathetic