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During the White House’s annual participation in “Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day,” Michelle Obama received something unexpected.

During a ceremony in the East Room, Charlotte Bell, 10, told first lady Michelle Obama: “My dad’s been out of a job for three years and I wanted to give you his résumé.”

The White House declined to comment on the girl with her father’s résumé, calling it a private matter.

The Associated Press reported that Mrs. Obama “seemed taken aback” by the girl’s statement.

Reports AP:

“Then Mrs. Obama explained to the other children, who might not have heard the girl’s comment, that it was a private matter but the girl was ‘doing something for her dad.’ Mrs. Obama promised to deal with the matter later.

“When the event ended, Mrs. Obama gave the girl a hug and then reached back to grab the résumé off a table as she left the East Room.”

With unemployment rates rising and the emergency unemployment funds not extended, there are millions of people in the U.S. like Charlotte’s dad.

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  • Ivory

    It’s nice the little girl is helping her dad who is out of work than scorning him.

    • Riyo.Chiasa

      She seems a bit too young to be ‘scorning’ her father for being out of work. Why are you assigning that kind of behavior to her?

    • Ivory

      Negative influences and our inability to have any sympathy for people who don’t fulfil their traditional gender roles

    • Riyo.Chiasa

      Because you think her mother scolds her father for being out of work. Because you are always saying negative things about women.

    • Tonididitonem

      Always. Never fails.

    • Tonididitonem

      You’re crazy.

    • Tonididitonem

      I’m as confused as you are.

  • Zoe

    Whether the dad put her up to it or not, i think is irrelevant. After 3 year of being out of a job, you would be pretty desperate and have to get pretty creative, especially with mouths to feed. At the very least, it shows he still looking for work and hasn’t given up.

  • Me

    don’t fall for it y’all. this is a republican publicity stunt just like that joe the plumber stunt back when obama was campaigning & it turned out dude wasn’t even a plumber. they planted that girl & that resume to make a point about unemployment. i can hear all the fox type reporters going ham over this already. she gone be the new face of their campaign.