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If your hair is in need of some extra TLC and a good deep conditioner — we suggest trying a healing hair mask. A hair mask is a deep-penetrating conditioning treatment that helps reconstruct and heal damaged hair.

Unlike regular conditioners, hair masks contain richer ingredients such as proteins, amino acids, natural oils and lipids that can help combat damage caused by heat and daily styling.

Check out our gallery for 12 hair masks that help repair hair!

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  • Fifi Gongon

    I wish I had recognized that absolute miracle product I used to have several years ago in that list. It was a rinse out conditioner, pink colored, very thick because of the castor oil it contained and I believe it was for children’s hair. I used it as a night mask. The next day, the hair was extremely soft, detangled with no dry ends, and shiny. I don’t remember the brand, since I didn’t bought it and it was a brand that I had never heard of before, maybe british, since my cousin bought it at a London store. It was definitely the best hair product I had to this day, such a shame !
    Most of the masks nowadays are not nutritive enough, at least for kinky, natural hair and are way too small.

  • The only product I’ve tried on the list is the shea moisture deep treat masque and it didn’t do a thing for me.
    I make a yogurt rhassoul clay deep treatment at home…very luxurious! Let me know if you like it: http://www.lillian-mae.com/diynatural/diy-natural-deep-conditioning-protein-treatment-recipe/

  • Ailenne Smith

    Best I have ever used is the Karmin :D

  • leahneumann

    Best I have ever
    used is the Karmin Hair Repair System <3