050214 Endia Martin

Disputes beginning on Facebook and ending in violence are becoming a little too common these days.

This time, a 14-year-old Chicago girl is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of her close friend and classmate, 14-year-old Endia Martin. The two girls had argued over a boy on Facebook.

“Where are the values that a 14-year-old would shoot another 14-year-old over a dispute on Facebook?” Mayor Emmanuel Rahm asked in response to a question about the shooting.

Prosecutors say Martin was walking with a group of people from Tilden Career Academy when the friend approached them and tried to shoot, but the gun jammed. She handed the gun to others with her, who cleared the malfunction and returned the gun to her. The suspect then opened fire with the .38 revolver, striking Martin in the back and a 16-year-old girl in the arm.

The suspect’s cousin doesn’t understand how she even got the gun.

“That’s where the question mark really come in, where she got a gun from,” he says.

Merely 10 blocks away from a vigil for Martin, four more people were shot. There, police charged a 17-year-old with illegally having a gun, using it, and then trying to get rid of it after the murder of Martin. A 24-year-old has also been charged. Authorities believe they may have been responsible for bringing the gun to the fight.

It doesn’t appear the two shootings are related.

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