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For the last few years Black women have had a hard time finding BB and CC creams that match our skintone and skincare needs. Luckily, due to the major demand and social media complaints we have seen many beauty brands step up to the plate and offer additional shades that allow us to join in on the craze.

BB Cream

BB cream (short for”beauty balm or blemish balm”) is a tinted moisturizer that protects, moisturizes and helps to correct skin issues.

BB cream is great for hydrating skin and with continuous use can help to even out your complexion. Unlike foundation, BB creams help hide dark spots, skin discolorations and they usually provide added benefits such as anti-aging, SPF 15, skin brightening, antioxidants and soothing properties. BB creams can also be used as face primer to help prevent shine.

CC Cream

CC cream (short for “color correcting” or “color control”) is meant to address skin issues and offer a more natural coverage than BB creams. CC cream is usually more lightweight and less greasy and work to control oil. CC cream can help fade dark spots, post acne scars and help to give skin a brighter look.

BB/CC creams vary in color, coverage and benefits so we recommend experimenting as much as you can to find the best cream for you.

Check out our list of BB and CC creams and let us know what you think!

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