This is for all of my weave-wearers, the ladies who live for and can’t live without their extensions and weaves. While weaves can be a great protective hairstyle that allows you to add versatility to your do, whether it’s a color change or alternating lengths, as one who loves my weaves, I know they can become a bit of an obsession. Because I know how detrimental addictions can be, I have put together a few signs that you may be addicted to weaves.

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    I’ve been weave less now for about 7 months. I was definitely addicted. I couldn’t go a week without a new install. However, I was pretty frugal about it. I purchased one expensive weave and wore that same hair for multiple years and just kept it fresh. I realized I wasn’t taking care of my own hair that well and decided to treat my hair better. I turned my weave into clip ins, and now rock them every now and then. I often miss the low maintenance of a sew in…but now that I’m an adult and on my own, there are other things that are just more important.