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There was once a time—long, long ago—when I half-way listened to what they’d say. They’d say, “Orange is the ‘it’ color for Spring,” and so I’d go through my drawers, hoping to find at least one stitch of the not-so-flattering hue to wear throughout the season. They’d say, “Don’t over accessorize,” so I’d feel a bit rebellious by stacking my twelve different bangles up one arm, topped with a big ‘ol cocktail ring on a finger of the same hand. They’d say, “Skirts are not appropriate in the wintertime,” so I’d leave the house in December with a little bit of leg showing, fully prepared for the silly “You’re making me cold” remarks. As if my legs being out could really make another human being feel less warm. Pshhh.

The fact of the matter is—fashion is meant to be fun! An art form open to one’s own interpretation and whim. And as far as I’m concerned—*cues Kanye*—”They can’t tell me nothing!” Hahaha!

But really, though. There will always be trends, rules, and regulations regarding what we should and should not wear. Not so much because people truly want to hinder our freedom to do as we please, but more so because it allows them to mold our spending habits accordingly. Whatever the case may be, I urge you to challenge what “they” say. For in fashion, some rules were just meant to be broken!

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