052314 American Girl

The American Doll collection is about to be two characters short. The company announced earlier this week that it will retire African-American Cecile and Asian-American Ivy. That’s two dolls of color.

The change is part of a revamp of the company’s historical collection. “This fall, the rest of the historical characters become BeForever, a fresh approach to these American Girl favorites that we’ll reveal in the coming months!” says the company on its Facebook page.

We ain’t fresh, y’all. Or about “empowering girls,” the motto the company likes to stress in the video:

Seven dolls will remain, but there will only be one African-American doll: former slave Addy.


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  • Tina Bryant Williams

    agree tell whole story line or stuff it. I honestly have never seen more race hating, baiting crap than under this president. So, it is like saying its him or making it appear that way and make him look bad. How so, Former hear of Black Panthers said the same thing POUS we have now is a POS.Recently, Larry Pinkney, former leader of the Black Panther party, was called Obama a “liar, a fraud, and actually, not our president” on a program called WEBY radio.

    Instead, Pinkney believes the Obama is simply a pawn that is being used to separate our nation. In the interview, Pinkney claims that the majority of the Obama administration’s activity is being shielded and kept out of the public eye. He continues on to say that Obama in fact supports massive NSA surveillance. This is why we see this crap every day we can work together, hang out etc. But let this type stuff come up and poof its all gone.

  • Olayinka Kazeem

    If you don’t like it go and make your own dolls. Black people are always waiting for white people to do things for them instead of doing things for themselves. White people don’t HAVE TO do anything for you.

  • the_npp

    You forgot to mention they also cancelled two white girls which means there were TWICE as many whites cancelled as blacks.
    God! When are you racists gonna stop seeing the world in Black and White and ignoring data that doesn’t match what you wanna see?
    “Oh! A black dolly got cancelled. Obviously we be targeted.”
    Pfffft! Tell you what: Buy up all the remaining black dolly’s on the shelves and sell them on eBay. After all, if you are really “down with the struggle”, it’s the only proper thing to do?

  • J Mills

    OK so I have never been one to cause any sort of racial uproar about anything.In being African American I have never felt my race was the cause of certain life disappointments…NEVER!!! However, I had been noticing the commercials for the be forever collection of the American Girl dolls and decided to see if they have an African American doll in the collection for my daughter…but to find out that the only original American girl doll of African American ethnicity is being discontinued for a former slave doll is obviously pretty upsetting….Any body with common sense would know that anyone of African American ethnicity interested in purchasing an American girl doll, would know that would create some negative feelings. People always wonder why black people cause a huge uproar about things that hit close to there heart and its things like this that make you feel nit picked against…. I mean come on have a little sense people if the shoe were on the other foot and there were a collection of African American dolls and the only Caucasian doll in the collection was taking out and replaced with let’s just say for example a trashy dressed doll everyone would be livid….In being AFRICAN AMERICAN people DO NOT want to be reminded of the struggle that our ancestors went through to become free and we certainly don’t want to remind our children of it…So why make a doll that would create negative feelings for people they should have the desire to create dolls that make all ethnicities feel good there are so many different races in this country why not make a doll for every little girl of every ethnicity to enjoy….Make Caucasian and African American and Asian and Hispanic, Hawaiian and even mixed raced dolls….This company would get so much more business if they would create dolls to represent the race of every little girl as this country actually is…but I sure would not spend good money on the only African American doll that is created as a slave for my daughter….

  • Bauer Is My Boy

    What is the name of the African doll, wearing traditional clothes, and she is the only doll without the teeth sticking out?