Grace Bush is already ahead of the game. As if graduating from high school at 16 wasn’t exceptional enough, Bush can add another accomplishment to her belt: college grad.

Bush, a brilliant and hardworking young woman, started taking college courses at a local community college when she was just 13. The teen then transferred to Florida Atlantic University to participate in the school’s dual enrollment program, which allows gifted high schoolers to receive credit for the same classes.

“I started when I was 13 at Broward College and I also took my classes throughout the summer, so I was able to finish it before four years,” she told CBS Miami.

The result? Bush finished college in three years, receiving her bachelor’s degree before her walking the stage to get her diploma.

“It’s kind of weird that I graduated college before high school,” she said.

Grace comes from a long line of achievers. The third oldest of nine children, Bush’s parents encouraged all of their kids to work toward their college degree while in high school in order to save some cash.

“My two older sisters are doing it and I’m the third to do it. My oldest sister already graduated and my second oldest sister is graduating in the summer,” she explained.

The plan seems to be working. Bush, who was homeschooled, graduated with a 3.8 GPA and a degree in Criminal Justice. She hopes to attend graduate school, study for the LSAT and win a scholarship to law school, Her ultimate goal? Sit on the bench of the highest court in the nation.

“I would eventually like to become chief justice of the United States,” the teen explained.

And with her track record, she just might do it.

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