imagesThis week, residents of three northeastern Nigerian villages repelled attacks by Boko Haram militants, killing over 200 of them, CNN reports.

Gunmen arrived in dozens of all-terrain vehicles, armored tanks, and motorcycles. In the first attack, which was in the Menari village, the insurgents killed around 60 residents and burned some homes before heading to the Tsangayari and Garawa villages.

“At Tsangayari and Garawa, they met a big surprise as residents engaged them in a fierce battle in which over 200 of the Boko Haram fighters were killed,” says Menari resident Algoni Ahunna. “More than 150 were killed in Tsangayari.”

A  lawmaker in Borno state’s Parliament confirms the incident.

“I received information on the gallant action taken by the people in Kalabalge District in which at least 200 Boko Haram gunmen were killed,” says the lawmaker, who asked to remain anonymous.

Locals seized an armored tank, three all-terrain vans, and 90 motorcycles, residents say. This is the second defeat Boko Haram has suffered from locals in over a month.


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