Photo Credit: CBS News

Photo Credit: CBS News

In an exclusive interview with CBS This Morning, Boko Haram member Saleh Abubakar sat down with reporter Debora Patta in Abuja to discuss the fate of the Nigerian school girls who have been missing for more than five weeks now.

Abubakar says he last saw the kidnapped girls three weeks ago, and they are “fine” despite reports that many were ill and in need of medical attention. He says nothing will happen to the girls as long as the government releases other Boko Haram prisoners.

Abubakar wouldn’t speak on whether the girls were sold across the borders into Chad and Cameron, but he did say they would no longer be sold as slaves because they’ve “willingly” converted to Islam.

“You see the enemies among the children; it’s accepted to fire on all of them,” he responds to Patta when asked how he’d feel if one of the daughters were his own daughter. “You cannot differentiate the children.”

This abduction took three months to plan. Abubakar warns that another massive abduction will take place.

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  • Secret87

    so by saving the girls….its pretty much pointless. Since they will pretty much take them again? Sounds like only killing these men will solve the issue and protect the girls.

  • roo08

    I want to cry and feel sick. I’m scared of what is happening to my country.

  • mshickman_31088

    Hiding his face eh? Just like the klan.