Sex Ed in Kindergarten

If you ever thought the school-to-prison pipeline wasn’t real, Carson City, California is now taking to another level. In a new proposal, children as young as kindergarten-age could face misdemeanor charges for bullying under a proposed law advancing in the Southern California city.

The Carson City Council gave preliminary approval last week to an ordinance aimed at persons, including other youths, who cause anyone from kindergarten to age 25 to feel terrorized, harassed or threatened with no legitimate purpose.

According to The Daily Breeze,  a final vote is expected on May 20.

First-time offenders could be ticketed for an infraction and fined $100. A second infraction would cost $200, and a third-time offense could bring a criminal misdemeanor charge.

The measure would also cover forms of cyberbullying.

Councilman Mike Gipson has said he hopes the measure will help make Carson a bully-free city. “‘We are going to protect not only the kid that is bothered in school, but when you leave school and go home, we’re going to protect you as a city”, Gipson said.

But the proposed law has sparked controversy and despite supporting the idea, Carson Mayor Jim Dear said: ‘We’re not talking about putting a five-year-old in jail, we’re talking about intervening in both the bully’s life, who is a person who is hurting too, and the victim’s life’, Examiner.com reported.

Click here to review the Carson City proposal.

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  • ALM247

    On the surface this sounds like a good way to curb bad behavior, but the issue is that the law (if it passes) will probably not be applied across the board.

    It will be one child’s word against another child’s word. Teachers, principals and administrators will have the opportunity to lie on certain children that they just don’t care for.

    • mariah asphalt

      ALM247 – I agree with you. However, just maybe it will give the actual bullier pause to consider the ramifications of continued negative behavior.

  • oh but can’t we wait until they hit puberty before giving them records??? i don’t understand are kinds now worse than we were that these kinds of laws are necessary?

    if kids need this then we as a society are to blame and are doomed!

    • mariah asphalt

      ZAMANTUNGWA – You are absolutely right. The problem is that the parents no longer know how to parent. The parents of the bullied complain to the authorities or the parents of the bullier, and the authorities or parents of the bullier say “kids will be kids” and do absolutely nothing the alter the behavior.

    • i fear for the generation after this one.

  • noirluv45

    This is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve read. I believe this is just another way of creating records for children, especially brown children. They are already building prisons in order to house them.

    How is one going to hold a kindergartner responsible for his/her actions when they don’t know any better? For so long, bullying went unpunished. That created more of a problem. Now that the problem is out of hand, they now want to slap misdemeanors on children? If one handles an issue when it’s small, it won’t grow. Governments around the country lack common sense. Why not deal with the parents or those schools allowing these bullies to get away with their nonsense. At least hold the parents responsible if the parent is made aware they have a child who is a bully. This is typical California nonsense.

    Me and a family member lived in Carson (I don’t think they changed to name to Carson City) for quite some time. Even though I really liked it then, I’m glad I’m not there now.

  • chanela

    THEY ARE BABIES!!!!!! what the hell? bullying? it’s called being a naturally selfish child. this bullying mess has gotten out of control. Are they gonna consider a teacher giving a child an F bullying too?

  • bamboo_princess

    This will be a nightmare and likely lead to increased instances of child abuse.